There is sometimes confusion regarding the names “SAVES” and “BASICS”.

SAVES  (Somerset Accident Voluntary Emergency Service) was founded in 1972 to serve the people of Somerset. It is one of the oldest immediate care schemes in the UK.

In 1977 several immediate care schemes across the UK, including SAVES, came together to form a national umbrella organisation The British Association of Immediate Care Schemes (BASICS) (BASICS later changed its full name to The British Association for Immediate Care).   BASICS continues to provide support and representation for its constituent schemes, as well as provide a wider voice for all involved in pre-hospital care.

Many schemes formed since the founding of BASICS use the name BASICS followed by the area they serve (e.g. BASICS Cornwall). As SAVES pre-dates BASICS, it still retains its original name.

SAVES works together with other immediate care schemes in our region in a federation called BASICS South West.


  • SAVES is the local scheme, serving the people of Somerset
  • BASICS South West is a federation of schemes working with South Western Ambulance Service
  • BASICS is the national umbrella organisation




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